Bitcoin Forecast: The One and Only Forecast

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Bitcoin Forecast:

This thing is going nowhere but down, After the big players finish playing with it . Simply BITCOINS will have no place within the financial system unless Big banks, governments decided to do. There will no place for a new system that may threaten the integrity of the current financial system. IMHO :) sorry bitcoiners , its just a forecast don't take it personal ;)

Correction: its going below 50 within the coming months, not zero.
ai21btc predicts the value of bitcoin in the short term,the successes in the predictions are amazing and it's free.

a sad failure
See BCN coin Poloniex
you have move the downward progression from 500 US dollars all the way up to 3000US DOLLARS...PIGHEADED.
you boasted the bubble burst two weeks ago only to find it increased to 3000 US....the only reason it dropped was many cashed in and bought mansions .
SO SEPTEMBER IS YOUR ZERO DAY...THE ONLY WAY BTC COULD BE WORTH ZERO DOLLARS IS IF THE FIAT CURRENCIES COLLAPSE TO 0...and the fiat will blow their bubble in oct...i,ll be back to talk to you come sept...
Wow - a face full of pie...! If i were you, I would try delete this to avoid further humiliation.
LOL had to come back to this one for a good laugh at the peak of a bull market. Glad you corrected yourself, thinking bitcoin would be worthless because you don't understand it. Bitcoin will reach $100,000 before it ever reaches zero.
lol, this chart will always haunt you forever. Your misprediction will haunt you mate! But I still get your view at that point! Anyway .. thanks for the share :)
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