INDEX:BTCUSD   بتكوين/ دولار أمريكي
This is proactive technical analysis in my opinion, on the 1D & 1W linear scale chart for Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ). This is just my opinion it's not any type of financial advice.

1st as we see in the 1D chart, he nocks the monthly resistant zoon. and he tests the monthly channel. and we have an almost harmonica 5-0 pattern. sound good to me 😎

I think the price will bounce to 50% Fib @ 55K what I call it sensitive area
then maybe to 58K @ 61.8% Fib

2nd as we see in the 1W chart, the ABCD pattern is still active, I think everything is good don't wary just stay focused and let us see what happens in the coming days 🙃

finally, take look at the 1M chart 😏

Note: Take into the conditions for invalidity of patterns

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