Brief Analysis——TRB

TRB’s performance over the past month has been remarkable, with the price rising from an initial price of 10 to nearly 50. But yesterday the price fell by almost 50%. Let’s take a look at how TRB’s whale is moving and whether TRB still has a chance to get closer to the highs.

We have used our WTA indicator many times in brief analysis. The definitions of blue, red, green and gray are as follows:
· Blue column: represents the trading volume of entities, described as a large whale.
· Red column: represents the trading volume of whales, described as a whale.
· Green column: represents the trading volume of large investors, described as fish.
· Gray column: represents the trading volume of retail investors, described by shrimp.

We use three rectangles to distinguish the three phases on the TRB candle chart. In the first two phases we use green rectangles. Both phases correspond to price continuing to rise, but the large whales disappearing. While the red and green columns are still there, the loss of the large whales has a greater impact. At this time, large whales are taking profits and closing positions. Long candles often appear at the end of this phases, and then the trend will decay. As for whether to reverse, it needs to be determined based on the shape of the candle, such as the appearance of a long pin-bar, or the appearance of a long candle in the opposite side.

So after the first green rectangle, the bulls decay, but remain fluctuating. After the second green rectangle, the price reached the August 2022 high, and a long upper pin-bar candle appeared accompanied by increased trading volume. A reversal occurred.

In addition, there is a special point on TRB. In the case of other token reversals, the departure of the large whale has been invisible. But in the red rectangle we can see that the blue columns corresponding to the large whale appears. This illustrates the urgency of Whale’s departure. After losing the support of the large whale, TRB may be in a bearish trend for a long time.

Disclaimer: Nothing in the script constitutes investment advice. The script objectively expounded the market situation and should not be construed as an offer to sell or an invitation to buy any cryptocurrencies.

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