MadLad v0.01 (Buy/Entry Signals)

This script is a very rough, very early release of a project called madlad (

Currently being used on BITSTAMP:XRPUSD 5 Min Heiken Ashi.

It's a very early concept. It is also very aggressive, therefore it spams buy signals. The buy symbols do not mean enter, they are simply potential entry points.

You can see this especially during heavy drops, I would generally wait for the end of the shading to make an entry. Aqua shading is simply confluence with another indicator.

Feel free to mess around with some of the settings, however most are just placeholders and do little to nothing.

I will eventually update this to remove some of the spammy buy signals. If you use this with some other indicators, it will definitely help remove a bit of the spammy-ness.

In the meantime though, if anyone is able to come up with their own solutions on avoiding bad trades while using the "buy" signals, feel free to DM me and or post in the comments.


There we will be posting updates and entry/exits in realtime! For free, no signal group BS or anything, this comes at the cost of signals not always being correct so always trade at your own risk!

إزالة من البرامج النصية المفضلة أضف إلى البرامج النصية المفضلة
Great Work . Will there be updated version of this
Also, this does NOT repaint, signals are added via bar close, so you'll be seeing them at the start of the next bar. (take the signals you see here, shift them over to the right once for a more accurate representation) I'll update it in the future to offset the signals. If you just keep this in mind though you'll be fine.
Things to add, works great during high volatility and swings. Not the best during sideways or down-trending markets. You can add this to your charts by "Favoriting" and then going to Indicators > Favorites > MadLad.

Any questions/comments just let me know!
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