GannSR8 best version with price action signals

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thank you again to all the people out there for sharing the knowledge

this is my last version of gann system
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OCC Alert It looks interesting, but you don't have it published :(
scamArtist gu5tavo71
@gu5tavo71, that is not my script,it is" Open Close Cross Alert R6.2" by JustUncleL, one of the greatest coders out there, he is a godmode coder and an inspiration at least for myself as well as alexgrover, everget and few others...those are real pro, i am just a poor scammer playing god:)
scamArtist gu5tavo71
@gu5tavo71, here u go:

@scamArtist , Can your share how to use it...?
dilace MrMama
@MrMama, yes please, look nice this setup :)
@MrMama, its an experimental project i;ve started few times in diff performance i've had so far with it was to use the baseline SR from its options as trend line and first target from gann targets ...but for scalps i use it like this; if the baseline is above he actual price i buy then sell at the baseline price...simplest i am thinking about some way to correlate better gann targets with baseline to make it more stable...on higher timeframes u can use its gann targets (first 3 red/green lines from its options) ...don;t forget to enable price line for first target and for baseline and just watch it few mintues on small working very good but also use the green/red dots signals from below for getting best time...will adjust it better in the future if i can find a way or some script to provide for it more stability...think i am gonna add rafalezioni new script "Step Linear PIVOTS" as compplementary view...but also i have to see a way to improve its aglo to corretalte as i said baseline with gann targets, cheers:)
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