Hi all, I compiled this scalping strategy only for Crypto (XBT on Bitmex), I use it only for scalping every day and it works very well.

This Strategy works with exponential moving averages, with clear and precise signals, I have also added Ichimoku with the original periods. (I'm not going to do a course on Ichimoku ) with crossover signals for a "trend change" or a "trend continuation"

You have signals to tell you that the RSI is under or over rated.
You have signals to tell you that Momentum is accelerating.
You also have the possibility when you take a position to put a StopLoss B / S (Always do it when you trade in leverage in general)

😱 Momentum Bullish Acceleration

😰 Momentum Bearish Acceleration

🚀 RSI en OverBought

💀 RSI en OversSold

🐻 Signal Short

🐮 Signal Long

The configuration should be like this:

Lever x5 x10 (x25 if you are sure of you) no more.
Graphical chart in UT 1 minutes
Candles = Heikin Ashi

You can also add RSI and Stoch as an indicator, to support your decision in buying or selling.


When You have a Tenkan and Kijun cross, there may be a movement, either a change of trend or a continuation of current trend.

Always put Support & Resistance that you can plot for scalping, to take your profits.

Always seek to take a position to buy above the green cloud and not the other way around
Always seek to take a position for sale below the red cloud and not the other way around

The red and green cloud can also serve as theoretical support.

Warning :

There are risks if you follow this strategy to the letter, always supporting your decisions with other indicators, such as the RSI for example.

Thank you for reading me, to try it you can contact me.
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Hello, can I try your tool?

this scalping strategy looks great. Can I test your script?
Thank you.

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Can I test your script?

hi can i have the accesses?
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Can I test your script?
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UPDATE : Change, I remove round signals, star, Bug When it was moving to pass on a decimal charts.
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