BOSS Automatic Trendlines


Trendlines when drawn properly make an excellent tool for traders. Used improperly though, they become ineffective and even counterproductive, resulting in a belief that prices have made a reversal when they really haven't, or that a trend has strength when price action suggests it doesn't.

The Boss Auto Trendline Indicator draws the trendlines automatically, and now you can effectively use trendlines as part of your trading strategy.

Trendlines highlight a trend or range (sideways movement). A trendline connects swing lows, where the low is lower than the surrounding prices, and swing highs in price. When the price rises, the swing lows rise.

Red Lines & Dots.

Connecting these lows with a line results in an ascending trendline, showing you that the trend is up. A trendline can also be drawn along the swing highs. This shows the angle of ascent, and the strength of the price move, whether strongly higher or not.

Green Lines & Dots

When the price falls, the swing highs fall. Connecting these highs with a line results in a descending trendline, illustrating the downward trend. A trendline can also be drawn along the swing lows. This shows the angle of descent​ and the strength of the downward price movement.

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no one need pay for this its simply my good friend Joris' script. He was good enough to release open source to you all. Enjoy :
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Duyck theheirophant
@theheirophant, thanks for the comment.
@TradingSafely, please remove my script from your list of paid indicators! I posted this as a free indicator back in november 18, so I kindly ask you to stop charging people money for it!!
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@Duyck, You are not the only person to develop an auto tredline indicator buddy here are links to prove it.

Duyck TradingSafely
@TradingSafely, hi, thanks, I know about the Patternsmart indicator.
My script was actually based on the open source work of binary36 as I needed a trendline function for one of my indicators and I decided it could be a usefull missing function in TV for other people to use if they needed trendlines in their indicators.

But if the script is your own work, then cudo's and appologies to you for having the same idea!

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TradingSafely theheirophant
@theheirophant, here is another one
theheirophant TradingSafely
@TradingSafely, So b/c one person rips off code, everyone should? Stolen code is stolen code, doesnt matter how many people do it. Many of your indicators are simply copies of open source scripts and you are selling them. Thats sad....
TradingSafely theheirophant
@theheirophant, I believe your are mistaken buddy! Please go and harass someone else.
theheirophant TradingSafely
@TradingSafely, am I? because Joris' code has an error in it which is also in your script... But thats all I have to say not going to waste anymore time.
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