Cracking Cryptocurrency - Time Transformation

Time Transformation is the creation of the Cracking Cryptocurrency Premium Trading Group. It's purpose is to provide volume , momentum, trend, and divergence at a glance. This limits the restrictions of a trader dramatically, by providing them with a powerful tool applicable on any asset, any time frame.


Time Transformation accurately interprets precise entry and exit positions in a ranging market via overbought and oversold conditions. When an asset is trending, these levels also indicate short-term exhaustion, and ideal profit taking levels.
These levels are completely customization, by adjusting the Cycle Length, and the boundaries of overbought and oversold itself. Also, with an advanced algorithm that calculates advanced price action, you can adjust this measurement for optimum results. One can even look at the momentum on a different time frame.


Utilizing the power of Heikin Ashi to identify the dominant trend, this allows a trader to filter out the noise of Japanese candlesticks while still looking at their more accurate OHLC price information. Bars are colored pursuant to the dominant Heikin Ashi trend. One can also look at the Heikin Ashi trend of a higher or lower time frame to adjust the noise filtration.


All traders know that we need volume for profitable movements. This indicator succinctly points out periods of unnatural volume , alerting a trader that a potential reversal or breakout may be occurring.


This Indicator understands fractal patterns of price action and oscillator movement. This allows for both Regular and Hidden divergence to be detected and displayed on the screen in real-time. One of the most powerful features of this indicator.

This Indicator boasts Multi-Time Frame features for both it's Momentum Oscillator and Trend Pattern Function, as well as fully adjustable settings for every function. Alerts are coded for every possible occurrence a trader could want.

Begin your journey towards market domination today. Allow this Indicator to Transform your Trading as it Transforms Time.

For access to this and all other Cracking Cryptocurrency Proprietary Indicators and Strategies, visit Cracking Cryptocurrency Premium Trading Group

Update Log:
-Adjusted default aesthetics to make Signal and Trigger Line more visible on a variety of backgrounds.
-Adjusted default aesthetics of zero line, overbought, oversold.
-Updated entire script to Pine Script Version 3.
-Updated Heikin Ashi Bar Recoloring Script - Will not re-paint, monitors the open and closing price and switches colors faster.
-Updated Input Setings for Multi-Time Frame feature. Much easier and more intuitive to select Time Frames from the drop-down menu.
-Simplified Input Settings, making them more intuitive.
-Updated Alert Messages to ease language barrier difficulties.

By Request: Added Alert Function for regular crosses.
Upcross = Fisher Crossing Over Signal Line.
Downcross = Fisher Crossing Under Signal Line.
Note that these are not buy/sell signals as per the Time Transformation strategy, as those crosses must occur in either overbought or oversold territory. :)
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Can I have access to this indicator please?

Thanks in advance. 🤑
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