Kaspa Power Law

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Simple Power Law Indicator for Kaspa with addition of adjustable bands above and below the Power Law Price. Best used on Logarithmic view on Daily Time Frame.
ملاحظات الأخبار:
Meant to be used on CRYPTO:KASUSD ticker on Daily time frame.

This indicator is designed to help traders visualize the Power Law trend for Kaspa (KAS) with custom bands and Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) levels. It provides valuable insights into potential entry and exit points based on predefined price bands and DCA strategies.

Key Features:
Power Law Calculation: The primary trendline is calculated using a Power Law formula that represents long-term growth potential.

Customizable Bands: Users can specify percentage offsets to create bands above and below the Power Law trend. These bands provide a clearer picture of significant market ranges.

DCA Labels:
-Out Labels: When the price crosses above the Power Law trend into specified higher bands, it marks potential exit (sell) points.
-In Labels: When the price drops below the trendline into defined lower bands, it indicates potential buying opportunities.

Visibility Control: Each DCA level label (In or Out) can be independently toggled on or off to match your preferred trading strategy.

Usage Instructions:
Adjust Power Law Bands: Use the inputs to define the percentage offsets for each band above or below the trendline.
DCA Labels Control: Customize each DCA level label visibility using the checkbox options in the settings.
ملاحظات الأخبار:
Updated to include inputs to adjust Slope and Intercept as they change with time, as well as adjusted the power law calculation to make it more accurate.

Also, added table to bottom right of screen that shows how much below or above KAS is from the estimated power law price.

Adjusted default settings for DCA at different bands, these are still fully adjustable to your liking.
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