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Multiple Time Frame Candles is a unique script that allows traders to quickly and easily analyze price action candles across multiple time frames all from one chart. Multiple Time Frame Candles eliminates the need for price action traders to change chart time frames when trying to analyze multiple time frames. With this script, traders can easily see the candles from a lower time frame inside candles from a higher time frame.

For example, traders can see 1 Hour candles inside Daily candles. Or 5 Min candles inside Hourly candles. Or Daily candles inside Weekly candles. Or Hourly candles inside Daily candles inside Weekly candles. The options for comparing multiple time frame candles on one screen are almost limitless.

This script differs from other Multiple Time Frame Candle scripts by displaying the open, high, low and close of the larger time frame candle as well as highlighting the close price due to its proven importance.

The ability to quickly analyze multiple time frames from a single chart will make you more confident in your trades as well as save you valuable time during your analysis.

Multiple Time Frame Candles is also an amazing script to help beginning to experienced traders better visualize price movement across multiple time frames all from a single chart. Happy Trading!!
ملاحظات الأخبار: This version is no longer supported. The supported version is Invite Only. This script remains as Tradingview does not allow script authors to delete published scripts. Sorry for the confusion.
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sorry for previous comment.. indeed its marvellous.. thanks
if u dont share, how could anyone appreciate your idea. .. no offence, just wondering..