Killzones / Daily Open / Weekly Open / Monthly Open by @bartbtc

I've created an indicator that :
- Displays the previous day's, week's, month's open on the current period's price action.
- Displays a vertical bar at the daily open. (The first 30-60 minutes from the daily open is commonly where the high/low of the day is made)
- Displays London/NY opens as vertical bars (london close is an option, but I have disabled it by default. I have removed Asia as I believe it is not useful - deal with it!)

- Displays daily data/killzones only on timeframes lower than 60minutes (you can modify this in the settings as you wish)
- Displays weekly open only on timeframes lower than weekly
- Displays monthly open only on timeframes lower than monthly

Let me know on Twitter on @bartbtc if there's any issues or if you have any other features you think might be useful.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Update: Corrected and labeled the "style" tab for easier modification of colours (for those of you with gross dark backgrounds!)
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does the timezone you set your settings to matter?
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Horizontal lines are :
Purple = Monthly open
Maroon = Weekly open
Red = Daily open
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What time GMT is this coded to, or is it auto set to NY time/user chart time?
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Awesome, thanks for the script! Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it'd be cool if this had bitmex funding, cboe expiration, cme expiration.
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There is an error in your code, the user set timeframe does not effect where your coded week/month open occurs and its not set to either London/NY Time. If this is truly an Inner Circle Trader ICT based indicator then it should be set to NY local time (exchange).

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baodai1207 TrashPandaMedia
@TrashPandaMedia, I think we have to manually set the time to our time zone. Btw, what is the script you use that shows the date in the week?
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@baodai1207, FXN - Week and Day Separator by @RobMinty. The horizontal line is NY Midnight
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Papanapi TrashPandaMedia
@TrashPandaMedia, I agree. I cannot get the correct daily, weekly and monthly opens. The times are off, I am on PST.
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Can you add midnight NY open price?