Maverick Trend Lines

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Hey Traders, Happy New Year!

Today, we are proud to release the Maverick Trend Lines :)

This is an awesome indicator for anyone that uses Trend Lines in their technical analysis , so basically everyone!

What this indicator does, is it plots the current trend lines on the chart simply and intuitively the same way an expert trader would.

The problem with drawing trend lines is they can be subjective.
This is especially confusing for newer traders.
It can be hard to draw consistently accurate trend lines , or even to see the ones that are right in front of you!

What’s so great about this indicator is it takes the subjectivity out of drawing trend lines and does it all for you!

Trend Lines

The trend lines are the main feature of this indicator, so we’ll start with that.

The way it works is simple: It draws trend lines from one pivot low/high to another, connecting the two points together to form a trend line .

It then extends this trend lines out into the future to look for when the price may break above or below it.
This way, you can see where the trend line breaks and receive alerts as soon as it happens.

Notice how the dotted line extends past the solid line into the future.

This is the extension of the trend line , which will help you look for future breaks in that line.

You can customize how far you want this dotted line to extend by changing the number in the “Extend Trend Lines (Length):"

Putting a large number here will extend the dotted line further.

The trend line also updates when a new highs or lows that have been made:

You can also show the other side of the trend line if you wish.
By default, there will just be one trend line drawn based on what the trend is.
If it’s an uptrend, you’ll have a trend line from one swing low to another, forming an upward sloping line.

But if you want to show the “other side” of that trend line , you can uncheck that box and it will draw a parallel line on the swing highs.

This can be helpful to see the areas of resistance the trend might face.

Alerts & Trend Line Breaks

Another powerful feature of this indicator is the alerts feature.

You can receive both visual alerts on your chart, as well as TradingView alerts to your email, phone, etc.

All you have to do, is simply set the number of past trend line breaks to look for.

So for instance, if you only want to receive an alert the first time price breaks a trend line , just put “1” in the input for “Number of Trend Line Breaks to show”.

If you want to receive an alert every time the price has broken the Trend Line , put a larger number in the box. (The max is 10)

By default, the indicator will only look for the first break in the Trend Line and ignore the rest.

Here is another setting that people may get confused on:

“Only display green arrow when price breaks downtrend (red) line and vice versa for red arrows.”

If this setting is turned on, the chart will only display an uptrend arrow when price breaks above a downtrend line.

So say you have a downtrend (red) line and price breaks above it.
That could be considered a bullish sign and you will receive a green arrow on your chart.

Now let’s say price retraces and falls back down below that same downtrend line.
If you have this setting turned on, you won’t receive an alert for when price breaks below the downtrend line. We only care about when it breaks above this line.
However, if you have this setting turned off, you will receive an alert.

***Please note that, I don’t ever use these for buy and sell signals as they would likely not be accurate enough. Possibly in the future, we will code a strategy using trend lines as I do think there is potential there. But for now, use these in conjunction with additional TA to determine your entries, etc.

Adoptive Trend Lines

We have also added in the option to show Adoptive Trend Lines .

This is a super helpful feature that will allow you to see the trend lines in a different way.

Personally, I find myself using the adoptive trend lines , along with the regular trend lines , and our Maverick Supporter indicator together a lot.

Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feature suggestions by commenting down below.

enjoy :)

ملاحظات الأخبار: Minor Update to settings panel and default settings
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I tried registering on and activated the same.
I am interested in the Maverick Trend Lines indicator.

Please advise me on how I can get access to the indicator.

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Hi Im interested in the trend line indicator.
Please advise me on how I can get access to the indicator.
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