Hi everybody,

This strategy is a RSI , Price Averaging, Pyramiding Strategy based on the earlier RSI+PA+DCA strategy. See below.

For this slightly different strategy I left the DCA option out and instead focused on the Take Profit calculation. In the previous strategy the Take Profit was directly connected to the Average Price level with a specified take profit %. When the price reached the Take Profit all positions where exited. The strategy opened multiple position based on the PA price levels. The separate positions can close when they reach separately specified Take Profit Limit. Each time the prices crosses the PA layer again the position can be re-opened. This causes the average price to drop each time a separate position is opened and closed.
I thought it was an interesting way to minimize losses and in general it works fine. Only when the market goes bearish it can cause significant losses
For the lack of a better word, I dubbed it Progressive Take Profit. The PrTP works different and is less risky. It doesn't directly follow the average price development and is calculated for a part based on the estimated profits of the separate closed positions. Every time a separate position is closed, the profit of that position is deducted of the Take Profit Limit. This causes the Take Profit Limit to drop les drastically then the average price and the whole position will only be closed when the separately opened and closed positions made up for the biggest losses.

There are still some aspects in the puzzle that are not fully worked out yet and I am still working on it, but I wanted to share this idea already and maybe you have some thoughts about it.
The next step is to re-implement a better worked out DCA function.
To be continued.
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