This is a script based on the original TMA- RSI Divergence indicator by PhoenixBinary.
The Phoenix Binary community and the TMA community built this version to be public code for the community for further use and revision after the reported passing of Phoenix Binary (The community extends our condolences to Phoenix's family.

The intended uses are the same as the original but some calculations are different and may not act or signal the same as the original.

Description of the indicator from original posting.
This indicator was inspired by Arty and Christy .


Here is a brief overview of the indicator from the original posting:

1 — RSI Divergence
Arty uses the RSI divergence as a tool to find entry points and possible reversals. He doesn't use the traditional overbought/oversold. He uses a 50 line. This indicator includes a 50 line and a floating 50 line.
The floating 50 line is a multi-timeframe smoothed moving average . Price is not linear, therefore, your 50 line shouldn't be either.
The RSI line is using a dynamic color algo that shows current control of the market as well as possible turning points in the market.

2 — Smoothed RSI Divergence
The Smoothed RSI Divergence is a slower RSI with different calculations to smooth out the RSI line. This gives a different perspective of price action and more of a long term perspective of the trend. When crosses of the floating 50 line up with the traditional RSI crossing floating 50.

3 — Momentum Divergence
This one will take a little bit of time to master. But, once you master this, and combined with the other two, damn these entries get downright lethal!
ملاحظات الأخبار: Fixed the RSI Momentum option so it does not show overbought and oversold levels.
ملاحظات الأخبار: I have added and indicator for all three indicator types being in confluence as well as an alert for confluence.
I have updated the calculation for the RSI Momentum Setting, Still not exactly the same as originall but even closer than before.
ملاحظات الأخبار: added a small box plot along bottom.

red plot = all three settings crossed down on the same bar
greenplot = all three settings crossed up on the same bar.

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