Trend Magic

Trend Magic is originally a MT platform (MetaTrader) indicator and it can be used with any forex trading systems / strategies for additional confirmation of trading entries or exits. Converted the MT platform code to TradingView Pine version 4. Also you can use Multiple Time Frame .

It also works well with Crypto and Stock Markets.

Trend Magic consists of two main calculation parts as momentum and volatility:

First part is ATR based (like ATR Trailing Stop) logic, second part is all about CCI which also determines the color of Trend Magic.
Blue: when CCI is positive
Red: when CCI is negative

Also added alert condition regarding price crosses :
when LOW CrossesAbove TM
and HIGH CrossesBelow TM

Kıvanç Özbilgiç
نص برمجي مفتوح المصدر

قام مؤلف هذا النص البرمجي بنشره وجعله مفتوح المصدر، بحيث يمكن للمتداولين فهمه والتحقق منه، وهو الأمر الذي يدخل ضمن قيم TradingView. تحياتنا للمؤلف! يمكنك استخدامه مجانًا، ولكن إعادة استخدام هذا الكود في منشور تحكمه قواعد الموقع. يمكنك جعله مفضلاً لاستخدامه على الرسم البياني.

هل تريد استخدام هذا النص البرمجي على الرسم البياني؟
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Sir bank nifty and nifty me intraday trading ke liye kho sa indicater use karte hai ce bye and pe bye ke liye
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hitbal navneet17017196
@navneet17017196, Is it possible to make money by using any INDICATOR in intraday ? Think about it and trade
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can u add buy and sell labels to this? when price crosses over the line then buy, same for sell lable(cross under)
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You are amazing and so are your script. Many thanks for the great share brother.
I'm not good with coding, I tried and but it didn't trigger an alert.

Is there a way to setup Alert when the color of the trend line changes.
Blue for Buy Alert?
Red for Sell Alert?

Would really appreciate the help.
Much Love!
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LeonTr jammy1971
Yes, would be very nice to have additional alerts for color changes. +1
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İlk yorum ilk beğeni :P

Teşekkürler her zamanki gibi hocam.
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Does this repaint
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Explanation at it's best for the basic to advanced... Thank You
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her zaman ki gibi halka hizmet. hakkın ödenmez kıvanç dostum
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Appreciated, and love from Pakistan.
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