Yekturus - Buy/Sell Signals


Yekturus is a strategy script that creates BUY and SELL signals for trading. It can be used for many pairs in many exchanges (cryptocurrency markets, foreign exchanges, etc.). There are 5 different buy/sell algorithms in this strategy, and you can combine them however you want.

- To gain access to this strategy, please like and comment. It will be free for a limited time.


We have tested Yekturus in different time periods and obtained best results in 1H-2H-3H-4H time period charts. Currently we are working on daily chart performance improvements.

PROFIT/LOSS Calculation

While backtesting in strategy tester, Yekturus begins with an initial capital of 100,000$ and it invests 100,000$ in every trade. Thus, one trade with a 10% profit will be shown as 10,000$ - 10% Net Profit in strategy tester. I suggest you to focus on the percentages in Net Profit, Max Drawdown and Avg Trade areas.


BTC: 1BfD2Srij2R9stzhqhd12rWyWQxZ1bPPJ2

This strategy is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Initial capital updated.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Some minor changes have been made to improve performance.

Beta phase is coming to an end. So, all the trial accesses will be removed soon.

To request access, please contact me through private messages.

A study version of this script is also available named by "Yekturus Study". Whoever uses this strategy will also be given access for study version. Study version enables you to set up BUY and SELL alerts on Tradingview.

This strategy is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Updated to show both Yekturus Strategy and Yekturus Study on chart.
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Can you grant me access please? I wanna try your script.
Hi, Can you provide access for trial?
can i get access please
can i get access? looks solid!
Hi Yekturus, I would love to participate in this and try it out. Thank you in advance.
Yekturus ncvaun
@ncvaun, access granted.
SatomiZa Yekturus
@Yekturus, It's not working: return: study_not_auth
Hello! I'd like to participate of this beta test.
Yekturus SatomiZa
@SatomiZa, access granted.
hrello,can i try it?thanks
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