[RS]Market Profile

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(Tradingview is not updating previous scripts it seems)
Corrected some math issues.
نص برمجي مفتوح المصدر

قام مؤلف هذا النص البرمجي بنشره وجعله مفتوح المصدر، بحيث يمكن للمتداولين فهمه والتحقق منه، وهو الأمر الذي يدخل ضمن قيم TradingView. تحياتنا للمؤلف! يمكنك استخدامه مجانًا، ولكن إعادة استخدام هذا الكود في منشور تحكمه قواعد الموقع. يمكنك جعله مفضلاً لاستخدامه على الرسم البياني.

هل تريد استخدام هذا النص البرمجي على الرسم البياني؟


Can you please tell me how to use this indicator? and can i use this for intraday 5 or 15 mins timeframe? In this condition what will be the setting of indicator.
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Hello Ricardo! Your market profile indicator is great! May I know how to change the time frame? I'm comfortable with 30mins timeframe market profile..
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Acel toby709
@toby709, if i get this correctly, it doesnt set the TPOs, but its set to 20 rows. So it splits your timeframe into 20 rows and checks them individually to get the VA and POC.
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@Acel, that is correct
Acel RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, Hey Ricardo, it would be nice if you can add the "Extend POC" option like on the VPSV. Maybe its doable now on v4.
@Acel, thx for feedback, ill take a look at it
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hi, can you tell me about the input settings. for value area calculation for 1 day based on 15 min candles and tpo percentage 70, what will be the input i have to provide.
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@RicardoSantos Hi first of all thanks to you for this wonderful script, i am looking forward to weekly levels, please guide me to go through.
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Ainda tem usado este ? Pois está dando um erro para mim na abertura , para colocar estrategia antes
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Hello, how can I configure to position the market profile lines on the previous day, they are positioned on the current date with data from the previous day, please help me! Thank you!
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