Moving Average Colored EMA/SMA

This script will give you the ability to put an EMA and/or SMA on the chart that changes color based upon the direction. Default at startup is EMA visible and SMA hidden. When the MA is moving up, it is green. When the MA is moving down, it is red. You can change the color to whatever you like.
إزالة من البرامج النصية المفضلة أضف إلى البرامج النصية المفضلة
//Created by Robert Nance on 072315
study(title="Moving Average Colored EMA/SMA", shorttitle="Colored EMA /SMA", overlay=true)
emaplot = input (true, title="Show EMA on chart")
len = input(8, minval=1, title="ema Length")
src = close
out = ema(src, len)
up = out > out[1]
down = out < out[1]
mycolor = up ? green : down ? red : blue
plot(out and emaplot ? out :na, title="EMA", color=mycolor, linewidth=3)

smaplot = input (false, title="Show SMA on chart")
len2 = input(8, minval=1, title="sma Length")
src2 = close
out2 = sma(src2, len2)
up2 = out2 > out2[1]
down2 = out2 < out2[1]
mycolor2 = up2 ? green : down2 ? red : blue
plot(out2 and smaplot ? out2 :na , title="SMA", color=mycolor2, linewidth=1)


which language it is> and howto use?
I have had a lot of questions about setting up an alert for this indicator. I was able to have it work for me with BTC. Settings: Colored EMA , Moving Up, 1.00 in 2 bars. Gave alert when changed from red to green. Reverse would be true for moving from green to red.
a63812 repo32
@repo32, Hi! your indicator is awesome! Could you please confirm what would be the "reverse" setup be, for when the EMA changes from green to red?

I tried to put: Moving down 1.00, but it doesn't work, and it doesn't let me put -1 or 0.

Thanks a lot!
repo32 a63812
@a63812, Just change the alert to green to red. The movement is still up for both arguments.
a63812 repo32
@repo32, Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I'm new to Tradingview, how do I "change the alert to green to red" in the new alert window? There is not a box that allows to alert by colour in the alert window.
repo32 a63812
@a63812, Just tried playing with it. Looks like it is not possible anymore on this one. Sorry.
Great indicator.. Does anyone know how to somehow screen for this indicator?
Great thanks so much!
In addition I would like to get the same type of colored EMA applied not only on charts, but also on indicators (for example, I wish to do it for an EMA of a stochastic or of a MACD zero lag).
Could you help me to get it ?

Thanks in advance,
@ebly, Just right click on the indicator (i.e. Stochastic) and "apply indicator on Stochastic"
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