Moving Average Variable Kit W/ Alerts V3 [Moon]

Create your own MA system

5 basic kinds of Moving Average types available for now
  • DEMA
  • EMA
  • SMA
  • TEMA
  • WMA

Mix and match moving average types and lengths.
Create your own alerts built into Tradingview.
Turn alerts or MAs off or on with 1 click.
Choose visual transparency and alert coloration - everything is customizable.
Trend candles on crossovers.
Choose your MA input source.
Create your own MA cloud or cloud ribbons.
Trend MA coloration on candle or bar interactions.

It really empowers you to experiment and create your own trading system or strategy.

Don't be afraid to use Renko or Heikin Ashi for trend spotting or reversals.

Copy built in exchange bands or indicators for an edge up on the competition or exchange users (these are heavily watched and in my opinion do affect the price action especially on smaller coins like alts).
This is Binance's default kit that you can easily make (7/25/99) SMAs .

Works well on traditional markets or Forex | Should be cross compatible on any asset or timeframe.

Turn off a majority of signals except for "buy" or "sell" alerts. Use these clusters to DCA , short, long or take profit.

Use it to monitor classic "Golden" or "Death" crosses - Set a TV alert to get a notification when it official goes off.

These are just a few of the things you can create. I encourage you to explore further.

Send me a DM if interested.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Added "Kijun-sen" base line as a variable input.
Small bug and code fixes.

Kijun default input (26) running on $TSLA
ملاحظات الأخبار: Code Fix, Default image fix.
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amazing job, would love to try this out
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Hi Can i get the access?
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Thank you.
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Thanks for access moon <3
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saw it on twitter, would be awesome if you could activate me. gladly report on potential bugs or sertings that are playing out nicely.
thank you for consideration!
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Nice one. More comprehensive than other similar scripts here on TV.
Could manage it according to our own needs too. Superb!
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Would love to give it a shot.
All hail the Overlord!
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Damn, this looks fire. Can I get access please?
Damn, this looks fire! Can I get access please?
Hi there Moon, may I get access to this indicator please?
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