3Musketeers_v1.3 by NazcaProjections

The 3 Musketeers

This Indicator was developed to show whenever strong move is happening, and announcing further development in the price action

The story behind this indicator is pretty simple for powerful indicator as it is.
The main concept is that d'Artagnan cannot do much alone, without the help of the three other.
If d'Artagnan come first on the field and if he is not followed by them, he just cannot do anything.
But if you see him alone and the 3 other come later on – big movement is ahead.

This indicator, draw and plot everything live. The candle closure with the arrows still showing is the confirmation needed.

We have added the option for you to choose if you want to see the indicator from a different resolution/TimeFrame that the one you are working on.


Bullish: 3 yellow arrows in row – bullish
Bearish: 3 white arrows in row – bearish

Alerts - Alarms
Alerts for the first Arrow and when 3 in a row are confirmed have been pre-program and can be set:

Detailed user manual can be found here

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