Getting started

Welcome to our TradingView Widgets documentation.

Here, you’ll explore resources on how to incorporate our financial widgets into your websites. This doc will guide you on customizing the widgets, implementing and using them effectively for top-notch financial visualization.

Site structure

Here’s the structure of our documentation site, which gives you a comprehensive overview of each section, plus their contents:


Here, you can access the directory of all our widgets, learn how to customize them, and generate the embed code for your site. It also contains some example configurations of the widgets for efficient usage.


This section renders live examples of mock websites that utilize our widgets, creating holistic financial data dashboard sites. You can explore examples like Stocks, Forex, and Crypto to have a better understanding.


If you’re a newbie to our widgets or you’re looking to optimize your usage, this section provides robust tutorials on implementing the widgets on your site and getting the best out of them.

Available markets

The Available Markets section gives you an exhaustive list of all available markets and their data level provided for our widgets. This can range from real-time data, delayed data, to end of day data.


In this section, we lay down our accessibility statement, shedding light on our commitment to make our widgets more accessible and usable.

Frequently asked questions

Get ready answers to common questions about our widgets in this section.

Contact us

If you need to get in touch with us for any questions, go to this section and fill out our contact form. We eagerly await your message.

Take your time to explore our documentation.

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Other solutions

We’re not just about Widgets. TradingView offers a suite of other solutions to fuel your financial ambitions.

Explore Lightweight Charts™, our open-source, nimble charting solution designed for developers like you.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive charting solution with all the bells and whistles, our Charting Libraries have got you covered. Just remember, with these solutions, you’ll need to provide your own data. Widgets, on the other hand, come with built-in data provided by TradingView.

Ready to explore beyond Widgets? Check out our Other Solutions and find the perfect tool to elevate your financial endeavors.