🕟𝕄🕗𝕋🕛𝔽 Madness MTF Grid by 🇨🇷🇾🇵🇹🇴🇷🇹🇭🇾🇭🇲🇸

Here is a short description. This indicator being free will not have documentation for ALL things. Just the basics. There are 5 indicators included in it which I will not go into how each one works. There is ALOT of info on all the indicators included in here, just use google for that.

📊For each "row" of colored bands this represents one indicator. This is meant to be used on the 15m (or less) timeframe, and it looks up into higher TF's. It is meant to be maximized, so have this open in one tab and the chart on another. Dual Monitors are best. All options and Time frames are fully configurable inputs.

📈Indicators from top to bottom are:
1.)Polarity Filtration - 6 Timeframes
2.) Price Volume Trend - 4 Timeframes
3.) Stochastic RSI - 4 Timeframe Grid, and Current Timeframe in lines/ribbons
4.) MACD Crossovers - 8 Timeframes
5.)SuperTrend - 4 Timeframes

⏲Inside each larger "band" there are smaller rows. Each of these small rows represents one timeframe (30m, 60, 2h, 4h, etc) What timeframes you choose for them is completely configurable althought the current setup is already ideal to trade on 15m

⏲For these smaller rows the ones on top are highest timeframe(i.e. 4h) and the bottom small rows are lowest timeframe

⏲So each small row is like being able to check that indicator many timeframes at once. This will help you determine overall trends without switching to different timeframes on your chart all the time

📈The last piece of the puzzle is the background color. This background color is whether the chart is going up or down on the 1 hour heiken Ashi candle chart. Heiken ashi always shows up or down based on how they draw the candles, so its another useful trend indicator

👍If you enjoy MTF Madness all I ask in return is that you like the indicator and follow me on tradingview (profile here:

❓If you have any questions, join us in the telegram chat in my signature!
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