Guppy EMA's...Great For Breakouts-Trend Based Support/Resistance

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Guppy EMA Trend Based Indicator Requested by 2use

General RULES

1. If Fast and Slow EMA's are ALL in Uptrend. Fast EMA=Aqua Slow EMA's=Green.

2. If Fast And Slow EMA's are ALL in DownTrend. Fast EMA's=Orange Slow EMA's=Red.

3. If Conditions 1 or 2 = False the Color=Silver.

4. If Down Trend Slow EMA's = Resistance.

5. If Up Trend Slow EMA's = Support.

6. Great Moves Start when Color=Silver, then colors change to Up or Down Trend.

7. Conservative move is to wait for 1st or 2nd Pullback.

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Hello Chris - Is thee a version of this tool with ability to set alerting based on certain conditions such as bearish & bullish crossovers and entering a squeeze? This would truly be helpful if you can help me/us please.
Very good work! I would like to add alerts to trade the retracements during the trend but I'm not a coder. Do you know if it's possible to add a custom alert like this kind?

Thank you very much !
hi.... nice job sir...... i am checking here the most of time this are working very well.... please tell me how is safe to use this custom indicator, I mean how to predict the right time to folow the signal to go short or up? and also how many pips do you think we can setup the stoploss?
ChrisMoody radamesbispo
To be completely upfront...I don't use this was a request.

However the answer is the same for this indicator as it is with MANY other indicators.

1. Pick a Main Time Frame higher than the one your using. Just a theoretical Example but lets say you were trading off a 60 minute chart. If the Daily chart is trending then wait til there is a pullback on 60 min chart and when the 60 min chart confirms moving in the same direction as Daily chart then enter from there. If you trade off a Daily chart trade in direction of Weekly chart etc.

If the higher time frame isn't trending....You have a lower probability trade.
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radamesbispo ChrisMoody
yes agree absolutely... thank so much for your answer and time....
Finally :)
This is terrific. Thanks for all the work you put into this.
ChrisMoody grahvity
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