📊BITCOIN ; The Game Never Changes!📈📉

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“ The Pockets change. The suckers change. The markets change . But the Game never changes” Jesse Livermore

Hello friends, what's up this week !
I'm sorry that It has been a long time since I couldn't post any new analysis and update for some reason, although the previous analysis have worked so well so far!
But today I came back here to start again!

As usual, let's start with bitcoin breakdown, but before the new analysis, it's not bad to have a quick overview of the previous analysis!
As I stated in the previous analysis, bitcoin has continued its fluctuating trend between the two support and pivot areas, and recently it has started a relatively upward movement towards the upper pivot zone.

>>>But today, as you can see in this perspective of this chart . Many details are included in this chart and many points can be pointed out, but in short, my goal is to find the possible paths of Bitcoin in the next few months and also its possible bottom!

  • in terms of supply and demand ( volume profile )
    - We see three main levels and areas (support-pivot and resistance) for which Bitcoin is now between support and pivot
    - And after a little consolidation, it is moving towards the pivot. If the pivot is broken, it can fill the volume gap and then go even higher!

  • in terms of harmonic patterns
    -In this point of view, a downward wedge pattern can also be imagined.
    -In this case, according to scenario number one, after a little growth and touching the trendline and higher key areas, Bitcoin can experience another downward lag.

    -Or according to the second scenario, in case of breaking the trendline or higher key areas, it can follow the mirrored bar pattern.

  • from the aspect of Anchored vwap (to discover the possible bottom)
    -I am very interested in vwap ! Because the price reaction to it , is very interesting!
    - If we consider it from the ATH of 2013 to the price floor of 2018, we can see that it reacted to it twice after almost 5 years and then had a sharp growth!

    -This time, to discover a possible bottom, you can drag it from ATH 2018-2017- to 5 years later, i.e. 2023, and I am waiting for the price reaction and it will likely touch it again as the price floor of Bitcoin!
    -which is expected to be around VG zone, between 13k and 15k
    -(Of course, as I have mentioned in the chart, in the worst possible scenario, the profile volume floor of 10,000 can also be considered as the final demand)

  • confirmation of the indicator (divergence) for the recent upward movement of Bitcoin
    -As you can see in the weekly time frame, recently Bitcoin after consolidating in the green support area with the exposure of Hist, Rsi, Cci and Mom divergences can continue its upward movement until a negative divergence is observed!

It should be noted that as we know, crypto are still in a bearish market until further notice But the market may experience a sharp correction in the short or medium term, and It is not necessary that it must follow my prediction because as we know the market is a possibility and the market goes its own way; But it will definitely react to the key zones and the VWAP line!
although higher time frames need more time to reach price targets; however I still believe in Huge Targets for Bitcoin (2025-2026)

✌️ Good luck with your trading and investing and remember: Trade smart…OR JUST DON’T TRADE!
👉This analysis is my personal opinion ,not a financial advice ,so do your own research.
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⛔🔔EMERGENCY ALERT : Don't hold any Long position for any crypto, as long as bitcoin is underneath of current support zone $(18.18-19.38)k

🔔DON'T PANIC plz!! ☠️🙅
👉 Vwap line (13K-15K) is expected !

BITCOIN has reached the PIVOT zone (18.18K-19.38K) again may be rejected ,and have pull back !
as I mentioned the lower Support could be 16.661 and next step Vwap line (13K-15K) !
As I've expected Bitcoin has reached the lower Support zone
so now , if loses this support territory the lower next target could be Vwap line (13K-15K) !