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LISTEN! If price is set to go down to the $200-zone then expect high resistance. I say around if not, $300 then it will drop drastically! I just put in a SHORT order@$300. If this doesn't happen so be it! Nothing to lose....And good looking on the tips MagnusTradingGroup, keep it up!
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TradZ TradZ
Looks like Magnus was right! lol what a day this has been! bumping ride I tell ya! I'm now shorting@$260.00 lol
be carefull there might be another wave up to form a double top before another leg down !
MagnusTradingGroup MagnusTradingGroup
yawn.... so predictable.
Almost 7 months ago when huobi was going to add litecoin, they too had a countdown.

LTC got pumped high, and dumped hard right on opening.

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free liquidity for whales ... why shouldn't they take it ^^ especially if we are in a year long downtrend
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With the news that is being announced today, do you still expect a retrace from 300 to 204?
did you see it drop like brick after the news got released? that's what I predicted (on my chart & in the chat)
Zammo MagnusTradingGroup
Your charts are always pretty accurate but I wondered if your predicted rise to 300 was based on TA or the news. We hit 300 a bit quicker than was expected.
everything on the chart was before I expected any news. however the news fit perfectly into this scheme. they came right at the top :D the rumours just accelerated the rally. I expect a bounce at 240 and maybe even another leg down to 210
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