Brief Analysis——ETC

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Let’s get the long-awaited BTC ETF approved. This marks a new era for cryptocurrency. More funds from U.S. entities will flow into the crypto market.

Although all 11 BTC ETFs have been approved, the SEC’s attitude does not appear to have changed. The reason we think so is that the SEC deliberately waited for the U.S. stock market to close before approving the BTC ETF, and when Gensler approved the BTC ETF, he stated that the approval of the ETF was only based on pressure from the court and did not support or recognize the view of BTC. Of course, this will not affect subsequent capital inflows, but regulation may mark some tokens as unregistered securities again to clean up the crypto market.

Another special thing is that ETH saw a significant increase after the BTC ETF was approved, while BTC did not. This may mean that the market has turned its back on BTC ETFs and begun pricing Dencun.

The token we will analyze today is ETC. As a token that will be halved in 2024, let’s take a look at its recent performance.

Compared with other tokens, ETC has performed generally during this round of rise. Before yesterday, the maximum increase was less than 70%. With the gains yesterday, ETC is out of the 2023 range. This will have a positive effect on subsequent increases. Judging from the indicators, ETC has entered a bullish trend. On the WTA indicator, we can see that in the previous waves of rise, the inflow of whales represented an increase, and the outflow represented a callback. But the trend is closer to a fluctuation. Yesterday's rise in ETC was supported by a lot of whales.

To sum up, we believe that ETC’s bullish trend is not over. Judging from the rise throughout 2023, As one of the few tokens with the halving concept and POW label, ETC has a greater possibility of rising.

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