EURAUD 4H Long buy structure

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FX:EURAUD   يورو / دولار أسترالي
Long buy structure
From : 1.60100 - 1.59800
TP1 : 1.62300
TP2 : 1.64350
Stop loss : 1.57400
This is not an investment recommendation or any call to buy or sell
It is just an analysis based on a study of the history of price action
Behavior , that may not be a necessarily reason for the success of
the structure or repetition. So please make your decision based on your vision .

To protect capital and manage your deals and trading successfully
the maximum loss in each transaction for the same currency or
commodity in the same direction should not exceed ( 2% ) of the capital .
Good luck
TP1 reached + 240 pips
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TP2 Reached +440

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