Good potential in Long term view.
تعليق: The chart under review is not original
The main chart had a lot of gaps and noise due to the low trading volume of this pair, which used DePri script to solve this problem.
Used setting is:
filter : active
filter type : sma
filter length : 5
chart type : siwi candles
تعليق: TNB was hitted one of its last historical support then had a big pump.
But during the recent blood bath of altcoins lost more than 75% of its recent high.
Now.. at this round number price, we have
fibo 78% and historical support + divergence on signal line of CSRS v2 (also green)
Due to the bullish form of BTC, I think TNB has a good chance to do upward moves.. with at least mentioned target so the Risk/Rewars is good.
good luck

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