Daily Open

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Uses provided unix time functions to print daily open (0000 UTC ) lines and optionally an additional extension to it from the previous day.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Added option to show the average of the current and previous daily open.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Changed default colors to make reading more understandable
ملاحظات الأخبار: Added another day to the script
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Sorry if I haven't replied to your message yet, I'm a bit backlogged :)


Useful! Thank you so much for your work NeoButane =D
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brilliant !!!
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You are a legend
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beautiful as always. a useful thing would be, in my opinion, if you could also add HIGHS & LOWS of the previous 1-2 days (if you would add 2 days, the previous day could extend and change colour when it becomes 2nd day HIGH / LOW just the same as it currently does with the OPEN).

Thanks very much for all your contributions!
Hi there,

Is there any way to adjust this so the daily open line is drawn from the open price at 06:00 UTC ?

Many thanks indeed !!!
NeoButane flymikenr
@flymikenr, I believe there are scripts that are able to do that already, I just wanted to show how this can be implemented using a different way. If there isn't and it isn't too difficult, I'll probably make one.

I suppose you can add offsets to the plotting but I don't know if the session closes mess up with the script logic. And you're welcome.
mausto NeoButane
@NeoButane, MANY THANKS.. great work..
can I ask you please.. if theres a way to change it .. so it can show me the opening price at 17 NY time.. or with the asian opening price time..? because it works with the time of the system right?.. thank you very much.. !
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