This study works as screener with alerts for ChrisMoody's scritp CM_Williams_Vix_Fix Finds Market Bottoms.
Refers to original study for the code: I converted it in a function and I used my snippets of pine script codes for convert it in a screener.

I'm thinking to transform it in a strategy: if someone has suggestion on startegy logic please let me know. For example enter long after three lime color bars?

Please use comment section for any feedback.
Next improvement (only to whom is interested to this script and follows me): study with alerts on multiple tickers all at one. Leave a comment if you want to have access to study.

ملاحظات الأخبار: I updated only the view style: now it is more easy to read.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Major update:
- Script is now converted to version 4;
- I added the possibility to choose up to 12 tickers.
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