Hybrid EMA AlgoLearner

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⭕️Innovative trading indicator that utilizes a k-NN-inspired algorithmic approach alongside traditional Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) for more nuanced analysis. While the algorithm doesn't actually employ machine learning techniques, it mimics the logic of the k-Nearest Neighbors (k-NN) methodology. The script takes into account the closest 'k' distances between a short-term and long-term EMA to create a weighted short-term EMA. This combination of rule-based logic and EMA technicals offers traders a more sophisticated tool for market analysis.

⭕️Foundational EMAs: The script kicks off by generating a 50-period short-term EMA and a 200-period long-term EMA. These EMAs serve a dual purpose: they provide the basic trend-following capability familiar to most traders, akin to the classic EMA 50 and EMA 200, and set the stage for more intricate calculations to follow.

⭕️k-NN Integration: The indicator distinguishes itself by introducing k-NN (k-Nearest Neighbors) logic into the mix. This machine learning technique scans prior market data to find the closest 'neighbors' or distances between the two EMAs. The 'k' closest distances are then picked for further analysis, thus imbuing the indicator with an added layer of data-driven context.

⭕️Algorithmic Weighting: After the k closest distances are identified, they are utilized to compute a weighted EMA. Each of the k closest short-term EMA values is weighted by its associated distance. These weighted values are summed up and normalized by the sum of all chosen distances. The result is a weighted short-term EMA that packs more nuanced information than a simple EMA would.
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overlay = false
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minor adjustments that shouldn't impact the functionality of the script, line 21 "for i = 1 to 100 by 1" for the correct loop syntax.
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minor change
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