[Comparative CPI SGM]

Code Explanation

User Inputs:

len: Defines the period over which CPI changes are calculated, with selectable options of 12, 6, and 3 months.

CP1 and CP2: These are the economic zones whose CPI data are being compared. The options include CPI from various regions like the EU, USA, UK, etc.

Calculating and Comparing Changes:

Calculates the annual change for each CPI and then computes the difference between these two changes.

Trading Utility

In trading, CPI variations are key indicators of inflation within different economic regions. Monetary policy decisions by central banks, heavily influenced by these data, significantly impact financial markets, especially in forex and bond markets.

Monetary Policy Forecasting:
If inflation in one region is significantly higher than in another, the central bank might raise interest rates, potentially strengthening that region's currency.

Currency Trading Strategy:
Traders might use this indicator to speculate on currency pair movements. For example, if US CPI is rising faster than the EU CPI, this might suggest a potential appreciation of the USD against the EUR.

Macroeconomic Analysis:
Understanding where inflation pressures are strongest can guide longer-term investment decisions, such as choosing between emerging and developed markets.

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