All in One Strategy no RSI Label - For higher dollar crypto

This is the All in One Strategy without the RSI suggestion label that will work well for any of the crypto currencies trading above $500 so the overlay shows up better. I am using ETH as an example on this.

Based on some comments on my previously published script that has been replaced I have added Alert Conditions to this version that can be used in other bots. You can also copy and paste these alert conditions into the other All in One script I published for the lower priced cryptocurrencies.

To use the alert conditions I have in here, you will need to convert this strategy into a study to do so. Delete the entry and exit logic at the end (lines 299 through 351), delete line 18 and paste the following in place of line 18:

study(shorttitle='Ain1 No Label',title='All in One Strategy no RSI Label', overlay=true, scale=scale.left)

Here are the settings to mimic what you see here in the back test strategy I am publishing. Remember that previous results do not guarantee future results.

Chart Time = 30 Minutes (if you didn't read my original All in One post, read it. Shorter isn't better. You lose your money faster in a shorter amount of time and I learned that the hard way)

Start Time = 1 April 2021 00:00
End Time = 31 December 2021 00:00

Trade Type = Long/Short
Stop Loss % = 20.1
Take Profit % = 14.57

RSI Length = 20
Overbought = 44
Oversold = 45

EMA Fast Length = 5
EMA Slow Length = 15
Overbought Lookback Minimum Value = 62
Overbought Lookback Bars = 3
Oversold Minimum Value = 43
Oversold Lookback Bars = 5
Source = Close

Max Lookback Period = 5

Use EMA Only = True (check the box)

K = 9
D = 17
K Mode = SMA
High Source = ohlc4
Low Source = ohlc4

Properties - Starting Amount is $3500, everything else is the same.

Any questions, feel free to ask. I will answer as soon as I can.

Performers follow, high performers break from convention.
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