Liquidation Level Screener

The Liquidation Level Screener is an analytical tool designed for traders who seek a comprehensive view of potential liquidation zones in the market. This script, adaptable to almost any timeframe from 1 minute to 3 days, offers a unique perspective by mapping out key liquidation levels where significant market actions could occur.

Key Features:

Multi-Exchange Data Aggregation: Unlike many other indicators, the Liquidation Levels Indicator compiles data from multiple leading exchanges including Binance, Bitmex, Kraken, and Bitfinex. This approach ensures a more holistic and accurate representation of market sentiment, providing insights into potential liquidation points across various platforms.

Customizable Timeframes and Modes: The script is versatile, working effectively across various timeframes. It operates in two distinct modes:
Actual Levels Display: Visually represents potential liquidation levels.
Settings Mode: Showcases an open interest (OI) oscillator. When OI is exceptionally high, indicating a surge in opened positions at a specific candle, it signals traders to be vigilant about upcoming liquidation levels.

Three-Tier Liquidation System: The indicator categorizes liquidation levels into three distinct tiers based on open interest levels—1, 2, and 3—with Level 3 representing the highest concentration of open positions. This tiered approach allows traders to gauge the significance of each level and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Histogram Visualization: A novel feature of this script is the histogram on the chart's right side, representing the concentration of liquidation levels in specific market zones. This visual aid helps traders identify crucial areas that warrant close attention, enhancing decision-making.

Customizable Options:

Moving Averages: Choose from a wide range of moving average types, including VWMA, SMA, EMA, and more, to tailor the indicator to your analysis style.
Histogram Settings: Adjust the number of histograms, lookback bars, and their proximity to the latest candle, allowing for a personalized density and range of visualization.
Liquidation Level Sensitivity: Set thresholds for different liquidation levels, fine-tuning the indicator to detect varying degrees of market leverage.
Color Coding: Customize the color scheme for different leverage levels, enhancing visual clarity and ease of interpretation.

The Liquidation Level Screener offers a unique edge by highlighting potential zones where significant market movements can occur due to liquidations. By consolidating data from multiple exchanges, it provides a more rounded view of market behavior, which is essential in today’s interconnected trading environment. The tiered liquidation system and histogram feature equip traders with the ability to identify and focus on key market segments where high activity is expected. This tool is particularly valuable for traders who base their strategies on market liquidity and leverage dynamics.

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