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A strategy in a box to get you started today

With 3rd party API providers growing in popularity, many are turning to automating their strategies on their favorite assets. With so many options and layers of customization possible, TradingView offers a place no better for young or even experienced coders to build a platform from to meet these needs. 3Commas has offered easy access with straight forward TradingView compatibility. Before long many have their brokers hooked up and are ready to send their alerts (or perhaps they have been trying with mixed success for some time now) only they realize there might just be a little bit more to building a strategy that they are comfortable letting out of their sight to trade their money while they eat, sleep, etc. Many may have ideas for entry criteria they are excited to try, but further questions arise... "What about risk mitigation?" "How can I set stop or limit orders?" "Is there not some basic shell of a strategy that has laid some of this out for me to get me going?"

Well now there is just that. This strategy is meant for those that have begun to delve into the world of algorithmic trading providing a template that offers risk defined positions complete with stops, limit orders, and even trailing stops should one so choose to employ any of these criteria. It provides a framework that is easily manipulated (with some basic working knowledge of pine coding) to encompass ones own ideas and entry criteria, while also providing an already functioning strategy.

The default settings have a basic 1:1 risk to reward ratio, which sets a limit and a stop equal distance from the entry. The entry is a simple MA cross (up for long, down for short). There a variety of MA's to choose from and the user can define the lengths of the averages. The ratio can be adjusted from the menu along with a volatility based adder (ATR) that helps to distance a stop from support or resistance. These values are calculated off the swing low/high of the user defined lookback period. Risk is calculated from position entry to stop, and projected upwards to the limit as a function of the desired risk to reward ratio. Of note: the default settings include 0.05% commissions. Competitive commissions of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges are .1% round trip (one buy and one sell) for market orders. There is also some slippage to allow time for alerts to be sent and orders to fill giving the back test results a more accurate representation of real time conditions. Its recommended to research the going rates for your exchange and set them to default for the strategy you use or build.

To get started a user would:

1) Make a copy of the code and paste in their bot keys in the area provided under the "3Comma Keys" section
- eg. Long bot "start deal" copied from 3commas in to define "Long" etc. (code is commented)
2) Place alert on desired asset with desired settings ensuring to select "Order fills and alert() function calls"
3) Paste webhook into the webhook box and select webhook URL alerts (3rd party provided webhook)
3) Delete contents of alert message box and replace with {{strategy.order.alert_message}} and nothing else
- the codes will be sent to the webhook appropriately as the strategy enters and exits positions. Only 1 alert is needed

settings used for the display image:

1hr chart on BTCUSD
-ATR stop
-Risk adjustment 1.2
-ATR multiplier 1.3
-RnR 0.6
-MA Length 50/100
-Order size percent of equity
-Trail trigger 60% of target

Experiment with your own settings on your crypto of choice or implement your own code!

Implementing your trailing stop (optional)

Among the options for possible settings is a trailing stop. This stop will ratchet higher once triggered as a function of the Average True Range (ATR). There is a variable level to choose where the user would like to begin trailing the stop during the trade. The level can be assigned with a decimal between 0 and 1 (eg. 0.5 = 50% of the distance between entry and the target which must be exceeded before the trail triggers to begin). This can allow for some dips to occur during the trade possibly keeping you in the trade for longer, while potentially reducing risk of drawdown over time. The default for this setting is 0 meaning unless adjusted, the trail will trigger on entry if the trailing stop exit method is selected. An example can be seen below:

Again, optional as well is the choice to implement a limit order. If one were to select a trailing stop they could choose not to set a limit, which could allow a trail to run further until hit. Drawdowns of this strategy would be foregoing locking gains at highs on target on other trades. This is a trade-off the user can decide on and test. An example of this working in favor can be observed below:


Although a simple strategy is implemented here, the benefits of this script allow a user a starting platform to build their strategies from with built in risk mitigation. This allows the user to sidestep some of the potential difficulties' that can arise while learning Pine and taking on the endeavor of automating their trading strategies. It is meant as an aid, a structure, and an educational piece that can be seen as a "pick-up-and-go" strategy with easy 3Commas compatibility. Additionally, this can help users become more comfortable with strategy alert messages and sending strings in the form of alerts from Pine. As well, FAQs are often littered with questions regarding "strategy.exit" calls, how to implement stops. how to properly set a trailing stop based on ATR, and more. The time this can save an individual to get started is likely of the best "take-aways" here.

Happy trading
ملاحظات الأخبار:
Time filter was not encompassing dates. Wrote a new condition to use session and date filter. Thanks to kngkng518 for catching this.
ملاحظات الأخبار:
Altered bot deal tags in script to be more clear for which bot they belong. NOTE these codes are fakes merely to demonstrate where to place your own

Altered display image to remove unnecessary wording and be more usefully descriptive
ملاحظات الأخبار:
Just an update to version 5
ملاحظات الأخبار:
  • Removed condition in exit function that prevented exits on the entry bar.
  • Removed alert condition to close bots if already in a trade and replaced with a dynamic entry message that forms a JSON array with the close order and entry order in one alert message when needed.
  • Removed transparency and line width options from the MA color selection. Both can be altered from menu without input boxes.
ملاحظات الأخبار:
Updated to set the default alert message to contain the necessary placeholder for parsing messages from order fills to alerts.

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