Turbo Oscillator [RunRox]

Introducing Turbo Oscillator by RunRox, our new indicator that combines a multitude of useful and unique features, which we will detail in this post.

List of Advanced Technologies:

  • Real-Time Divergences: Detects discrepancies between price movements and oscillator indicators to forecast potential price reversals.
  • Real-Time Hidden Divergences: We identify hidden divergences in real-time. These are not the standard type of divergences; they are opposite to regular divergences, providing unique insights into potential market movements.
  • Overbought and Oversold Zones: Identifies areas where the market is potentially overextended, suggesting possible entry and exit points.
  • Signal Line: Indicates the market direction, helping traders to quickly understand current trends.
  • Money Flow Histogram: Shows the flow of money into and out of the market, providing insights into buying and selling pressure.
  • Predicted Reversal Zones: Pinpoints areas where the market might experience reversals, aiding in strategic planning and risk management. These zones also serve as potential areas for taking profits, enhancing their utility for exit strategy planning.
  • Customizable Alerts: You can flexibly set up alerts for any events detected by our indicator, ensuring you stay informed about critical market movements.

To begin with, I would like to describe the difference between classic divergences and hidden divergences.
As you can see, these are opposite situations. Our oscillator identifies both types of divergences and displays them in real-time.

Divergences can serve as points where the price might reverse in the opposite direction, making both classic and hidden divergences powerful tools for spotting reversal points. I'll show a few examples of how divergences are used in our oscillator.

Classic Divergences - which we identify in real-time. As you can see, the price often reacts strongly to the formation of these divergences, frequently changing its direction.

Hidden Divergences - we also observe frequent movement in the opposite direction on the chart. The advantage of our indicator is that we show divergences in real-time without delays, allowing you to react immediately to trend changes.

Overbought and Oversold Zones - These zones allow you to see trend changes when the price is clearly overbought or oversold. When the color changes from a contrasting shade to a neutral one, you can observe the trend shift. The lines work by combining the positivity/negativity of the histogram, the positivity/negativity of the signal line, and the direction of the signal line (red/green). This sophisticated interaction provides precise insights into market conditions, making it an invaluable tool for traders.

Signal Line - This provides insights into trend changes and price reversals. The points on the line better indicate the beginning of a trend shift. These points can vary in size, offering a clearer understanding of the strength of the emerging trend. This feature works in combination with RSI, Stochastic, and MFI. RSI and MFI are top-tier indicators, while Stochastic adds responsiveness and sensitivity to trend changes, ensuring you capture every market movement accurately and promptly.

Money Flow Histogram - As shown in the example, our histogram displays the divergence between money flow and the actual price. You can see that while the price is rising, the money flow is decreasing, indicating insufficient demand for the asset and an imminent trend change. This feature uses MFI with an extended period, providing a more comprehensive and accurate analysis of market conditions. The extended period enhances the reliability of the Money Flow Index, making it an essential tool for identifying subtle shifts in market dynamics.

Predicted Reversal Zones - We automatically identify potential price reversal zones and display them above our overbought and oversold zones. In cases of strong overbought or oversold conditions, we detect potential price pullbacks and mark the beginning of a trend change. This helps you better identify trend shifts. We recommend considering these zones as potential take profit points for your trades.

Customizable Alerts - Our flexible alert system allows you to receive notifications only for the events you are interested in. These can include:

1. Classic Divergences
2. Hidden Divergences
3. Overbought or Oversold conditions on the status line
4. Strong Overbought or Oversold conditions on the status line
5. Signals from the signal line
6. Reversal zones in any direction

Our oscillator is a unique indicator that provides a comprehensive understanding of price movements. It can be used as a standalone tool for analyzing price action.

Here are a few examples of using our Oscillator in practice:

In the example above, you can see three conditions that have formed for a potential trade:

1. Clear overbought condition with a formed reversal point.
2. Decreasing Money Flow Index diverging from the rising price.
3. Formed classic divergence.

The entry point could be the formed divergence, while the exit point could be the overbought condition at the bottom of the oscillator along with the reversal points.

Here's another example of using hidden divergence, where you can see three conditions for a potential trade:

1. Overbought zone
2. Formed hidden divergence
3. Start of bearish movement indicated by the signal line

You can enter the trade either when the hidden divergence forms or wait for confirmation of the trend change by the signal line and enter the trade when the corresponding signal forms on the signal line. The exit point could be the opposite reversal point or the formation of a new hidden divergence.

We have demonstrated a few examples of how you can use our indicator, but we are confident that you will find many more applications in your own strategies.

Oscillator offers a variety of customizable parameters to tailor the indicator to your trading preferences. Here’s what our settings include:

Signal Line

  • Turn On/Off: Enable or disable the signal line.
  • Length: Set the length period for the signal line calculation.
  • Smooth: Adjust the smoothing level of the signal line for more accurate display.


  • Turn On/Off: Enable or disable the histogram.
  • Length: Set the length period for the histogram calculation.
  • Smooth: Adjust the smoothing level of the histogram.


  • Show Divergence Line: Display divergence lines on the chart.
  • Show Hidden Divergence: Display hidden divergences.
  • Show Status Line: Show the status line indicating overbought or oversold conditions.
  • Show TP Signal: Display signals for take profit.
  • Show Reversal Points: Display potential trend reversal points.
  • Delete Broken Divergence Lines: Remove broken divergence lines from the chart.

Alerts Customization

  • Signal Line Bull/Bear: Set alerts for bullish or bearish signals from the signal line.
  • TP Bull/Bear: Set alerts for take profit signals.
  • Status Bull/Bear: Set alerts for bullish or bearish status conditions.
  • Status Bull+/Bear+: Set enhanced alerts for stronger bullish or bearish status conditions.
  • Divergence Bull/Bear: Set alerts for bullish or bearish divergences.
  • Hidden Divergence Bull/Bear: Set alerts for hidden bullish or bearish divergences.

With these comprehensive settings, you can fine-tune the Oscillator to perfectly fit your trading strategy and preferences.

Our indicator utilizes technologies such as RSI, Stochastic, and Money Flow Index, with numerous enhancements from our team. It includes exclusive features such as real-time detection of hidden and classic divergences, identification of reversal points using our unique methodology, and much more.


While we consider our Turbo Oscillator to be an excellent tool, it is important to understand that past performance is not indicative of future results. We recommend approaching market analysis comprehensively, using a combination of tools and techniques to make well-informed trading decisions. Always consider the full range of market data and risks when using any trading indicator.

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