3 Important Value Composites

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This is a watchlist, along with the most accurate computed values that I could achieve. It may be beneficial for those who want to change values from the "120x ticker screener (composite tickers)" indicator, which is one of the excellent indicators to bypass the limitation of the request. security() function that limits to only 40 requests. I've thought about this before but couldn't succeed, but someone finally did it.  :)

--> 120x ticker screener (composite tickers)

Thank you once again for this idea.

You must look for this and change it.
 t1 = 'symbol', n1 = Multiply  , r1 = Pricescale(decimal) 

Example of grouping: Group 1
       2,                  4,                      2
      13,                  10

█ Note
• Tickers: For your watchlist, arrange them from left to right, pairing them in groups of 3.
• Pricescale: This represents the decimal length, arrange them from left to right, pairing them in groups of 3.
• Multiply: This involves multiplying the first 2 items in each pair of watchlists. Arrange them from left to right, pairing them in groups of 2.

* If you group items incorrectly, it may lead to inaccurate results.
* Please be advised that if one of the values in the "Pricescale"(decimal) trio changes, there may be a need to adjust those values accordingly to ensure correct digit separation. Otherwise, within the group, the numbers might appear peculiar.
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🤖If you want access, then please send me a message with your request. Thank you!

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