Trend Hunter [forex and binary]

This is an amazing script for scalp trading.
It is basically self-explanatory. Just search, add to chart and start using as per the arrows.
Feel free to comment and ask anything

You can also use the binary options methods

dont enable forex together with direction. Only one of them should be turned on

Best Practice
enable one option at a time on the list
  • forex
  • binary
  • direction

ملاحظات الأخبار: New Revision for this script

Hey traders, I have added several features to this script to make it even more amazing.

First things first. This is not a get rich quick strategy. Take it as a get rich long term for sure.
Money management is crucial. If you need a script to manage trades on mt4 and a free VPS, you can contact me

The best pairs for this script have GBP currency. Here is a list of the take profits for the pairs

Pair profit
EurUsd 150
GbpUsd 220
XauUsd 1600
AudUsd 95
GbpJpy 250
usdjpy 220
usdcad 160
nzdusd 150
gbpnzd 220
gbpcad 220
eurgbp 150
gbpchf 140
gbpsgd 180
gbpaud 300

Time frame is always 1D and the stop loss is 0, this means that if the trade goes opposite the direction even by 0.1 point, close it. You will only lose the spread and the value of 0.1 pip.
This script is not for Crypto currencies. The results shown on the analysis are similar to if you traded live, they serve a commission of 10points per trade which is greater than the spread of EURUSD on Axitrader, Renesource capital or IC markets.
Timing and is slippageimportant.
إزالة من البرامج النصية المفضلة أضف إلى البرامج النصية المفضلة
Ample Forex


Please note the lowest timeframe is 4H on a currency pair.
You can make as many changes as possible for optimum performance.
This script is free to use by anyone.

If you find the script useful, tell me.
If you think of some improvements, tell me.

I can assure you my scripts are non-repainting. they are coded with pinescript v3
I hope i help someone increase profits. Thats my goal
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