Momentum VMA KITKAT CROSS v2.1

*Update couple of fixes + installed full Kitkat.
إزالة من البرامج النصية المفضلة أضف إلى البرامج النصية المفضلة

//Momentum VMA KITKAT CROSS v2.1
//Vdubus_Channel http://www.vdubus.co.uk/
study(title = "Momentum VMA KITKAT CROSS v2.1", shorttitle="MVMA_KITKAT_CROSS_v2.1", overlay = true)
length = input(25, minval=1)
src = input(close, title="Source")
mvma = wma(2*wma(src, length/2)-wma(src, length), round(sqrt(length)))
plot(mvma, linewidth=2, offset=+1, color=blue, transp=0, title="MVMA 1")
length2 = input(21, minval=1)
src2 = input(close, title="Source")
mvma2 = wma(2*wma(src2, length2/2)-wma(src2, length2), round(sqrt(length2)))
plot(mvma2, linewidth=2, offset=+0, color=red, transp=0, title="MVMA 2")
source = close, length3 = input(9, minval=1)
Lead = wma(2*wma(source, length3/2)-wma(source, length3), round(sqrt(length3)))
plot(Lead, linewidth=3, offset=+0, color=black, transp=0, title=" Lead MVMA")

plot(cross(Lead,mvma2) ? mvma2 : na, style = cross, linewidth = 4, title="MVMA cross")

RST = input(title='KITKAT 1:', type=integer, defval=16)     //
RSTT = valuewhen(high >= highest(high, RST), high, 0)
RSTB = valuewhen(low <= lowest(low, RST), low, 0)
RT2 = plot(RSTT, color=RSTT != RSTT[1] ? na : red, linewidth=4, offset=+0, title="Resistance")
RB2 = plot(RSTB, color=RSTB != RSTB[1] ? na : green, linewidth=4, offset=0, title="Support")


RST2 = input(title='KITKAT 2:', type=integer, defval=16)     //
RSTT2 = valuewhen(high >= highest(high, RST2), high, 1)
RSTB2 = valuewhen(low <= lowest(low, RST2), low, 1)
RT22 = plot(RSTT2, color=RSTT2 != RSTT2[1] ? na : red, linewidth=9, offset=+0, title="Resistance")
RB22 = plot(RSTB2, color=RSTB2 != RSTB2[1] ? na : green, linewidth=9, offset=0, title="Support")


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vdubus ‎‎ عن ‎USDCHF
It's nothing to do with KITKAT, it's just simply 3 Hull MA's of 9 21 25 . vdubs is doing a lot of misleading and repainting indicators, like on purpose.
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@NGBaltic, vdubious if you will.

By the way, I love your scripts man
vdubus overttherainbow
@overttherainbow, @NGBaltic, it actually has nothing to do with the three ma's. this indicator was created by accident if im honest in an attempt at replicating the Kitkat MT4 indicator as shown here


Every indicator repaints to a degree. indicators are designed to compliment your analysis not rule them
A very intelligent planned setup. very beautiful
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how do i use this? when to sell, when to buy. i really need to make money now
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MarxBabu ebenezerloy
@ebenezerloy, Lot of False signal generated
Hey V - I'm fascinated by how this works: it's amazing. Don't want to bore you by asking how on earth you code something like this, but what's the essential thinking behind it? Many thanks.
vdubus benedictwellstood
total fluke I was trying to re create this one because I didn't want to pay for it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHrcYeVA9kE
Well, you did a fine job. Don't understand the maths of course but I get the principle. Clearly, when you look backwards, it indicates 90+% accuracy - live is different as I'm sure you know because some of the bars disappear/have disappeared when price doesn't quite work out. But, if you're canny, I've found waiting for it to establish on 5+mins, even if it's not for long, you can take a shorter trade if the P/A seems to be behaving... I love it. It give syou a great start on a position. Thank you.
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