Trendy Bar Trend Color

Trendy Bar Trend Color

Inspired by trend candlestick charts on other trading platforms. Changes bar colors to stay in trend much like Heikin Ashi candles without the ATR price distortion. This is done by comparing the HL2 and/or Open-Close values of current candlestick to the prior candlestick .
ملاحظات الأخبار: Cosmetic only, experimental, not intended for use with trading

Update to script:
  • updated the Heikin Ashi calculation for trend coloration
  • Added ability to plot different bar types: High-Low bars without wicks or open & close data, or plot Open-Close bars without wicks
  • Option to only color the existing candlesticks instead of plotting different candlestick types
  • Experimenting with simple ability to highlight possible tops & bottoms of a trend; though it chases trends in live trading. Be careful
  • Experimenting with ability to grey-out consolidation ranges

If you wish to use the different candlestick types, it's advised to hide the existing candlesticks via chart options

Chart with High-Low bars and tops & bottoms highlighted:

Chart with High-Low bars, tops & bottoms highlighted, and consolidations painted grey:
ملاحظات الأخبار: Edit 3:
Corrected Heikin Ashi calculation (again)

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The colored bars only show when I click on setting but disappear when I'm doing looking at the settings.
fauxlife coreyfgarber
@coreyfgarber, Hide the default candlesticks if you want to use the high-low or open-close bars

The original candlesticks are covering up the new code-generated bars. Select "Just Color" in the options if you wish to use the regular chart and add the colors Trendy creates.
@fauxlife, Hey thanks allot. Between candlesticks and Heiken-Ashi this may be a great alternative. I will try it out this week.
Any idea how to see the actual H-A rice lines after checking off the box in Tradingview? The side bar registers the price but can't see a line across the chart.
fauxlife coreyfgarber
@coreyfgarber, Hmm... thought I had that fixed. Let me dabble with the code this week and see what I can do about the line not showing.
@fauxlife, When I set on High-Low then the bars look solid but then when the curser clicks on the screen it reverts back to the original look without Trendy.
@fauxlife, I can see the correct H-A bars but then reverts when curser touches the screen to original candles. Then if I touch the high low bars then it shows Trendy. I'm trying to explain what I see sorry to write so much. I would like it to display the grey consolidated areas.
fauxlife coreyfgarber
@coreyfgarber, No worries! If there's an issues, it needs debugged.
If I set a chart to use Heikin Ashi, set Trendy on the chart, this is what my screen looks like with the Tradingview candles hidden and Trendy set to High-Low bars:

High-Low will display script generated candlesticks that are solid from the high to the low, no open or close data.

I've got the Tradingview H-A candles hidden so the script generated Trendy bars can be seen:

Please verify you have the Tradingview candles hidden

Here's the same chart with the Open-Close option set, the Tradingview HA candlesticks are hidden:

Open-Close will only show the open and close data, no wicks for the high and low.

Here's the original Tradingview HA candles shown and Trendy set to "Just Color"

If this doesn't help, try to link a screenshot of what's going on. The only time I'm able to replicate the Trendy indicator appearing/disappearing is when the Tradingview candles are shown. They overlap the script due to the way graphics are layered by Tradingview's UI.
Like this:
@fauxlife, No you are correct. I turned off the bloody HA candlesticks and saw a wonderful sight. One of the best Tradingview indicators yet!!!!
fauxlife coreyfgarber
@coreyfgarber, The compliment is appreciated. Not sure if the script is overtly helpful as a standalone, but it's helping take some noise of out my trend trading setups in Forex.
I did notice an issue when switching stocks/currencies, the Trendy bars do not display sometimes until the original chart is shown & hidden again.
@fauxlife, I understand. I'm trading the 1min chart with turn sigs off the 3min EMini chart, so on the 1min less noise from candlesticks creates somewhat more price action confidence. The HA show great turning points crossing Ehlers super smoother line to enter and leave trends, but knowing where to enter the real price was uncertain with HA. So trendy paints what appears to be a solid picture of price action. Not stand alone.
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