Ultimate Trend Analyzer by Hypester

Trading is not all about scalping/day trading. To have a healthy and diversified portfolio, you should always have some trending long term assets to mitigate risks and keep your wallet always on the green side.

That's why Hypester once again innovates with the Ultimate Trend Analyzer. With the UTA you can check the trend's health with one glance.

Do not fool yourself, the Ultimate Trend Analyzer offers different trading profiles, so it doesn't matter what kind of trading you are doing, from long positions to intraday scalping - UTA can quickly adapt with one click. UTA offers Swing/Longterm, Day Trading and Scalping profile.

It also has two correlation methods, volume , and price. So you can decide what you want to prioritize most.

Not only that, there are two smoothing methods, linear regression and symmetrical averaging so you can remove noises from your indicator line.

The UTA offers you insight about the trend's health, just by looking at the background color, the stronger the color, stronger the trend. So higher up it is, stronger the uptrend is. The lower it is, stronger the downtrend.

Nevertheless, the UTA also gives you insight within trend corrections and peaks and bottoms with the indicator line color. So if you have a bullish trend and you see an orange line color, it means that direction is changing and you will observe a line color change, which means the course is now bearish even though the overall trend is going up. This feature is great for swing/scalp trading looking at the big picture.
ملاحظات الأخبار: Small bugfix.
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لا تقترح TradingView الدفع مقابل النصوص البرمجية واستخدامها حتى تثق بنسبة 100٪ في مؤلفها وتفهم كيفية عملها. في كثير من الحالات، يمكنك العثور على بديل جيد مفتوح المصدر مجانًا في المكتبة العامة.

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