8200. Ola la! We might be looking at Wave 3 developing right now

TADAWUL:8200   إعادة
Hello Traders,

Our first analysis about TADAWUL:8200 was that we were in the process of developing wave 5! I guess we were wrong!!!! Since Nov 2017 and things became more obvious, we are certainly in the process of Wave 3, it is still developing! which we expect a very powerful uptrend, nothing can stop this trend!

We should be targeting between 13 to 17 SAR for W3

Happy Trading!
Mar 14
تم فتح الصفقة: We opened a position on 7.70 :) and we are still waiting to confirm whether we are on a w3 or not

Chart is not clear enough yet, but definitely we will not close our position now
Mar 22
تم فتح الصفقة: We are facing a correction, and this correction could stop at the levels between 9 and 8.60. Position is active :)
Apr 19
تم فتح الصفقة
Apr 30
تم فتح الصفقة: Position is still active despite of losing 19% profit so far