Excellent point to buy ADA again for at least 50% gain

ZyadaCharts تم تحديثه   
BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
I'm seeing a high probability buy chance here for many reasons:
1- High probability of finishing EW corrective structure.
2- Near the lower line of the red Parallel Channel
3- Many Divergences from 1D time frame to Weekly
4- On a very strong support
5- Testing 200 EMA on 3D time frame

You can either buy or add to your existing amounts from here to 0.9$ level

⚠️ Warinig: This is just an idea, and you -ONLY YOU- are responsible for your trades.
Didn't react as I was expecting due to overall market condition,
For any one entered this: make a DCA to 0.888 level.. wish you all happy trades

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