Medium EMA Cross for Binary Options

This is a rework of one of Chris Moody's EMA scripts, but made useful for binary options trading. The color of the indicator is the direction of the trade you should take immediately after the bar closes. This is ideal for 5 minute charts. Overlays are based on EMA crossovers. This is dead simple - green overlay = CALL, red overlay = PUT.
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// Created By User ChrisMoody
// Modified By User TimJaeger
// This Indicator plots crossovers of the Medium EMA
// Ideal for use on 5 minute chart - color indicates action you should take for the next interval (e.g. green overlay = CALL with 5 minute expiry time)
// If next candlestick is not in the direction of the overlay (e.g. the next 5 minute candle isn't green) 
// you can either martingale the next trade or stop and wait for the next red or green overlay

study(title = "Medium EMA Cross for Binary Options", shorttitle="Medium EMA Cross for Binary Options", overlay=true)

src = close, len = input(8, minval=1, title="Fast EMA")
src2 = close, len2 = input(21, minval=1, title="Medium EMA")
src3 = close, len3 = input(34, minval=1, title="Slow EMA")

isUp() => close > open
isDown() => close < open

emaFast = ema(src, len)
emaMedium = ema(src2, len2)
emaSlow = ema(src3, len3)

bgcolor(close[0] > emaMedium and emaFast < emaMedium and isUp() and (emaFast < emaMedium and emaMedium < emaSlow) ? red : na, transp = 70)
bgcolor(close[0] < emaMedium and emaFast > emaMedium and isDown() and (emaFast >= emaMedium and emaMedium >= emaSlow) ? green : na, transp = 70)


Is it possible to remove the medium EMA and make this script a traditional EMA Crossover with a fast and slow EMA? I have been searching for an EMA Crossover with a colour alert but I am yet to find one. Thank You.
Just finished up a trading sessions tonight of about an hour...just using small amounts of money on the 60 second timeframe. 75% success rate using binary options. See screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1352289/Trading-Screenshots/file.png
Hello did you hear about the strategy "la mosca" is for metatrader is so awesome is for 30 or 60 seconds works better on 30 but i disigned on tradingview chart but i dont know how to share it.
timj rogelio.arevalogalindo
Uh....Probably save it as a script? I can try to help
Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j7jK9jlmRU its spanish but you can catch the idea is ganhilo indicator and moving average period 3 exponential close or download the strategy for metatrader here https://sites.google.com/site/34658marca/marca/Estrategia%20Mosca.rar?attredirects=0 build it on tradingview because price movement is first than brokers so we can make it easy.
Hello man thanks for share this, this strategy is prfitable for you? im trading on demo with this and looks good theres some tip you wanna share thanks in advance.
timj rogelio.arevalogalindo
Rogelio - it is profitable but I haven't had as much time to use it lately - basically, I wait for the candle w/ the green/red to close and the next one to open then I make the trade for a 5 minute expiry. If it loses I either Martingale or wait until the next trade.
i did some trades on 1 min. tf 60 seconds expiration and i think is good lot of wins on demo eurusd i start on real and looks fine. On 1 min. tf i think is posible trade 5 min expiration eurusd have more wins than other. Sorry my bad english.
timj rogelio.arevalogalindo
You are using it on 1 min charts? You should post some results when you get a chance! Congrats!
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